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Creek boating is great fun and an excellent way to explore the world around you with some of your best paddling friends!  It can be very physically & mentally challenging too!  Sometime the challenges can take a toll on our kayaks too when we crash!  But have no fear… the good news about owning an elite Jackson Kayak is the crosslink plastic has hull shape “memory” that can be repaired even after the most punishing hits that leave large dents in the bow or stern!


The fix for a dent in the bow or stern of your Jackson Kayak is quick & easy!  You don’t have to be a professional body shop mechanic or even use Bondo 😉  All you need to fix the dent is a hammer (rubber hammer works best), a pole with a solid end or a wood dowel (pipe not recommended due to thin edge, which could cause damage), and a large pot of boiling water.


Step 1: Boil a pot of water on your stove or campfire


Step 2: Remove the foot brace system (Uni-Shock bulkhead plates pull off of track brace after removing the foam foot blocks and bungee buckle from the bungee cord) if the dent is in the bow of the boat OR float bags if the dent is in the stern of the boat.


Step 3: Place the boat hull up against a wall or tree with the dented bow or stern down on the ground.


Step 4: Pour the pot of boiling water into the boat.  Be careful not spill any of the water on you when doing this to prevent scalds/burns!


Step 5: Wait 45-90 seconds for the plastic to warm up.  You may notice that a smaller dent may pop out by itself in this time (if so skip to Step 7).


Step 6: If the dent is large you are going to have to give it some “persuasion” to go back to its original hull shape…  Place the pole or dowel down into the water against the dent area and lightly hit the pole with the hammer.  Usually after 3-5 hits the dent will start to go back into normal shape.  Keep an eye on the dent after every hit to make sure you don’t hammer the pole too much.


Step 7: Once the dent is knocked out, cool off the hot water by adding some cold water into the boat to allow you to dump the water out of the boat without being scald/burn.


Step 8: Dump the water out of the boat and reinstall your foot brace system.


You’re done and can now store your boat until your next creeking adventure!  When the plastic cools back down to the ambient temperature, the prior dented area will be like new and solid!  Safe times and good lines to your future kayaking adventures!!