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Hand paddling the Villain

December in the southeast has been fantastic for creek boating! With moderate temperatures and some of the best rain conditions in years, steep creek classics have been running all month and micro creeks have seen action. Fortunately, these great conditions have allowed us creekboaters to visit pristine areas with some awesome whitewater! These are some short video clips from the Raven Fork, Horsepasture River, and Upper Whitewater river paddled with handpaddles this month.

“Handpaddles are fun on any level but definitely extremely fun creeking class 5 in the Villain. I’ve noticed that some boaters may carry a set of handpaddles instead of a breakdown, however, there are quite a few of us who love to use them full time. Whether you use your handpaddles as a back up or full time, I hope to see everybody having fun with them on the river!” -Andy Perkel


Zach Fraysier