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Jules Domine latest film, a kayaking road trip across North America from north to south (BC, Cali, and Mexico)…

Feeling like getting outside? Or maybe like bushwalking for hours just to look around and see no signs of humanity? Or to get lost in a thick jungle?
Hop in the car that take you for a massive road trip across the norht American continent. From north to south, following good water levels, with 3 simple goal in mind : to have fun, to go big and to paddle with good friends in a beautiful place every day !

Antoine Dupuis, Adrian Kiernan, Lachie Carracher, Greg Dashper, Sam Ricketts, Nils Dippon, Ross Herr, David Pierron, Mathia Fossum, Boby Fieser
Sam Tregenza, Brett Eston, Shawn Bozeman, Aniol Sarrasoles, Matt Karli, Jules Domine, and many more…

Camera : Adrian Kiernan,Lachie Carracher, Tino Spetch, Daniel Rondon, Juanito De Urgate, Jules Domine

Edited by :
Thomas Mazimann, Jules Domine