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For this week only there has been an increase in flows on the North Fork of the Payette. A jump from 300cfs up to 900cfs has allowed for some pretty good February kayaking less than an hour north of Boise, Idaho.

Speaking of Boise, construction crews are wrapping up the finishing touches on the Boise River Park, which includes a state-of-the-art “waveshaper” that has adjustable gates to create multiple features in the river. This is sure to be an amazing freestyle venue, and also leaves me with no excuse not to paddle more. Check back to as I will be posting about that shortly.

And speaking of the North Fork of the Payette, there is an event scheduled unlike any other taking place this June 8th and 9th titled the “North Fork Championship.” Sponsored by Forge Motion Pictures, the creators of the movie Wildwater as well as Quadrocopter, which will attach cameras to their prop electric helicopters to obtain vantage points not yet obtained in the kayaking media. Let’s hope this all goes down as planned as it’s sure to be a wild event featuring some of the best big water paddlers on some of the nation’s biggest whitewater.

With that being said, the preseason isn’t to be taken lightly.

Check this video of Tomas Wilkening chasing me down the lower seven miles of the North Fork the other day. Turn up your speakers and enjoy it!


-Micah Kneidl