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Most anyone who is acquaintances with me in the paddling world knows my very fond LOVE for the Watauga Gorge.  The run is full of boofs, slides, boulder garden technical moves, and even a waterfall to top it off!  It is the best class IV run in the world IMO and only 30 minutes from my garage door!  So naturally I am there most anytime it is running and I am off work.

I had the pleasure on Saturday afternoon of leading Brian Vermillion & Jason Miller down their 1st descent of Watauga Gorge.  Good times, big boofs, and the expected minor carnage of stepping it up ensued 🙂  Check out Brian’s video edits of the trip from his GoPro Camera!

Watauga Gorge Part 1

[youtube width=”480″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Watauga Gorge Part 2

[youtube width=”480″ height=”360″][/youtube]