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The Raquette River is in upstate NY half an hour away from the border of Canada. It is part of the Kind of New York Race series. I have been at the Raquette Race for the last 3 years in a row and the last 2 years I have raced.
I drove down the night before the race from the Ottawa River. After finding the town I pulled into the put in. Seeing the 30+ cars parked I knew this was the “camping area” After a night of watching Beaver race footage I woke up to the dam horn going off. I showed a group of 5 down the river that had never gone yet as my training lap.

The Raquette has a very shallow mankey style to it, never the less it is very steep and very fun. For example the first rapid is a ferry, to a boof, to a ferry, to a 45 foot slide. The race started right below the dam and continued though 5 rapids a bit more then a mile. The format was to start racers every minuet starting with green boats and retro boats. I was shown a sneak on the first rapid right before the race, I had never taken it before but I believed I could hit it and it looked a lot faster.

More nervous about the sneak I was taking then the race I started off. I hit both of my sneak line well, I lost most of my time in flat water hitting rocks. Other then that I had a good race lap. Celebrating at the bottom we finished out the run and relaxed at the top. After another lap down the river I headed back up the Ottawa. I finished 7th in the creek boat category and was quite happy with my time but I do plan to make it better next year!
Thanks to everyone who helped organizing the event as well as the whole King of New York series. Great Success!

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Galen Volckhausen