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One of my most prized possessions is my GoPro camera. GoPro cameras are the most versatile cameras on the planet. The video quality is outstanding especially for the relatively inexpensive price. That’s why I’m so excited that Jackson Kayak has partnered with GoPro to include mounts on the bow of all 2013 Jackson Kayaks! With the holidays coming up, great gift ideas include a new Jackson kayak and GoPro camera!

Below is a video I put together with shots from the 2012 season. This video was shot entirely with the GoPro Hero2 HD camera. In the video, the camera is attached in a variety of ways – on top of my helmet forwards, on top of my helmet backwards, mounted on a pole, zip-tied to my paddle, and attached to a mount on my kayak.

Turn the volume up, play it in HD, and enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving!

-Micah Kneidl