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I didn’t realize how much of a difference the Karma was going to make in my river running and creek-boating experience.     Paddling this boat has been such a joy.    I am affectionately calling it the “Good Karma” now, as it feels just like that.    Things seem to come easier, troubles seems to disappear, and the rapids seem to go better.    It is like having Good Karma follow you around.   The boat floats over trouble, speeds over and through holes, and stays upright when few would.   Confidence, fun, and being able to enjoy the surroundings, the company, and the total river experience is easier than ever.   I have been able to get this boat on many great creeks already around the Southeast and in Mexico.       This is the first time in Jackson Kayak’s history that our creekboat is out selling our play boat too; that is a switch!     It is springtime and the rivers are running, the weather is warming up, and it is the perfect time to get a new boat.    I couldn’t be more fired up about the Karma.   We added the small size to the line up once we realized how great of a boat it really was.   Karma S, M, and L.

We just loaded up this walkthrough video on YouTube to explain the boat in detail.


For some action packed video, check out our Mexico edit..


Enjoy the Good Karma!