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The Alseseca is a river close to my heart ever since I was able to be part of the First full descent 8 years ago. The river is littered with amazing whitewater and many different day sections available. Though every year since 2008 there has been a race held on the ‘Roadside section’. This section has been run for many years, well before the entire river had been stitched together of different first descents. The Roadside section also makes for a great race course with easy access and perfectly clean drops and rapids.

This was my second year racing and I couldn’t wait to get back in race mode. With perfect weather and high water is made for an exciting race and fast times. The Karma made for a perfect boat, flying out of all the little boofs and drops. Though, EJ and myself had a couple little mistakes though lots of clean lines as well, though we left the door open for Dane to take home first with fast runs the entire day.

Check out a little video from the 2014 race and the full results.