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The winter of 2017 has been a good one up here in Maine. It has been mild for the most part which means 30 degrees during the day and there has been some good ocean surf as well.

Winters here can be severely cold and snowy but this one has allowed for some good paddling so far, but nothing like summer.

Summer paddling for me means heading to the West Branch of the Penobscot to paddle and for the most part go to the 3rd drop of Big A. It is in no way a great play spot but if a paddler puts in some time it gets better and better.

If you don’t kayak and you have a inflatable, a river board or a raft it is really fun as well but it does have a learning curve. Best flows are 2800cfs down to 2000cfs with a sweet spot of 2400cfs. This river usually runs 24/7 so there is ample opportunity to get surfing.

The local raft crowd flocks to the 3rd drop in the evenings after work during the summer making for a surf a thon but there is still all kinds of space and the rocks and wave get warm sun late in the day.

DSC00054 DSC00359 DSC08065 DSC08187 DSC08279 DSC08537DSC09841

This is my dream spot.