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We may still be skiing deep snow in the Tetons but we we have not forgotten about boating either! Each week the Jackson Hole Community Center opens up a section of its pool for kayakers to get in their boats, or those provided by the Jackson Hole Kayak School, and work out the rust in preparation for spring boating that is rapidly approaching!

The crew at these evening pool sessions ranges from beginners to advanced boaters, from kids who just learned to boat last summer to seasoned veterans getting back into it again after some time away. All participants however, have in common an excitement for being on the water and smiles in anticipation of the upcoming season. Folks practice rolling, bow stalls, paddling form, flatwater cartwheels, hand rolls, offside rolls and more while tips are shared on topics ranging from the right angle to initiate a bow stall, how to think about keep your paddle horizontal when learning to roll or what boat to take to the Grand Canyon. (I think the new Antix would be a GREAT candidate!) And thanks to the boats provided by the Kayak School, attendees get a chance to try out a variety of different play boats, creek boats and river runners.

Have you been itching to get in your boat this winter and dreaming of spring flows? Check and see if your local pool has a pool session! And if they don’t see if they would let you organize one for a few hours a week. Perhaps a local paddling club would be willing to help you out. Then you can boat no matter the weather outside!