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Jackson kayak is running a competition for 2 spots on the Jackson kayak Little Shredder team. We are looking 2 kids who love to kayak and we are opening these spots for kids under 15 years old. You can be a playboater, a creeker, a river runner or just a paddler doing better than anyone else your age. You will have access to special deals and some free little shredder gear including a t-shirt and stickers. As a Little Shredder, you will be required to write 4 blogs a year with pictures to show what you are up to, this is a great way to get an understanding of how potential sponsorship works. All team members age out of the team at age 16 years old. Jez who is the little shredder team manager with the help of the factory Jackson Kayak Team will pick successful applicants to the team.

So what you want to know is how do I apply?

1. Here is what you need to do. Complete the application form with a blog showing who you are and why you love kayaking with a couple of pictures.
2. To help your application you can submit a short video that shows why you love kayaking. That’s it. The video can be placed on YouTube for the Jackson Kayak team to check out. Videos could be around the 2 min mark. We will understand the younger the applicant the less professional the video will be and we will choose the team based on merit.

Application Form:

Don’t worry though even if you don’t make the full little shredder team, if your blog or video is good enough then you might still get it featured on the Jackson Kayak website and seen by thousands of people. Awesome, how cool is that. So many people checking out what you are up to.

The deadline for this is April 20. Thanks and have fun!!!

Jackson Kayak Little Shredders 🙂