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Years ago, Moab held a contest to see who had America’s most scenic dump. Well, Durango’s whitewater park runs right along the city’s treatment facility. There is a playground to drop off the kids, a soccer field, basketball and beach volleyball courts and across the river, a dog park. The Animas river is currently about 1800 CFS. It usually peaks at about 6000. I have seen it as high as 8000 ( 3 times). This year we have 130% average snow pack. It will be a great season for the Antix. I took some pictures of the new entrance rapid the city built to push the river channel over to the intake for their water supply. Will Durango have the first class 5 town run? We shall see. Anyway, if there is a more exciting turd whirler anywhere, I’d like to see it.

– Dana Scalf