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One of my favorite places to paddle is NOC, and it is even better when I can do my two favorite kinds of kayaking there. This weekend I completed in the US Open for slalom, and afterwards, I went playing in the hole in my Rock Star XS. While I was slaloming on the first day, my runs were good because on the first run I had a fast time and only one touch, and on my second run I had zero touches and a faster time. Sadly though, on the second day on my first run I touched four gates. Now even though I touched three gates, on my second run I was very fast, and it was a good end to the US Open.

So now that I was done with slalom it, was time to get out the little boat and do some flippy floppies. When I went to get my XS, I saw my friends in the hole and Rowan sitting on a table. So Rowan and I drove up to the falls to try to do a split wheel free wheel over the double drop. So the first free wheel went well, but on the back free wheel I back pitoned and got eaten in the hole #bigwaterbeatdownthursdayonsunday. So that was fun. After that we paddled downstream to the hole. In the hole I did huge loops, space godzilla’s and sometimes McNasties. But this one time I wanted to mix it up a little bit, so I decided to lean up stream into the hole and window shade over and over again. It was awesome, but after that my head got so cold. Now even though NOC is cold it is still an awesome place to paddle and I can’t wait to go back.

#jacksonkayak #NOC #havefunkayaking

Kaelin Friedenson