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I asked my wife what she wanted to do for Mothers Day. I was expecting a grueling hike or bike ride but to my surprise, she wanted to go to the Durango Whitewater park and shoot some photos. As we were walking up, a 15 or 16 ft raft was coming down. He had 2 paddlers in the front and was guiding from a stern rig. He hit the Corner Pocket dead center and straight. It looked like he was going to make it but got surfed backwards. His raft stood straight up and the 2 paddlers in front tumbled out. He then got sucked into the hole a the raft did a perfect back endo. Sorry no pictures of this. The Animas was running less than 3000 CFS. I can’t wait to see it at 6000. I spent the next couple of hours surfing and rescuing, building my Karma points. If you are a novice or intermediate paddler don’t worry, there are plenty of sections to run that are much easier. As always, 4 Corners River Sports has all the Jacksons to Demo.

– Dana Scalf