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Merriam Webster definition- lacking success

Maddie’s definition- not doing your best

Failure is something that happens to us all (no matter how it might seem). 

Last weekend, I failed terribly at the NOC Freestyle Shootout and it was soul crushing.  Instead of getting easy points and then trying to loop, I just tried to loop….and failed badly.  5 point ride fail.

Here were my immediate thoughts:
1. How could I not do my tricks?
2. I put my all in and I don’t get anything.
3. How will I congratulate my competition when I’m so upset?
4. I failed.

After a lot of thought on the eight hour car ride home, I came to the following conclusions:
1. Failing stinks, but I know it won’t stop me.  I will learn and improve.

2. I didn’t do my best, and I only got 5 points.  I should have planned out my rides and had a plan B.
3. Next time I will get the smaller points such as shuvits and spins.

4. I’m happy for my friend’s successes.  They earned it.

Failure isn’t just learning it is congratulating your competition. We are all on the same team. The sport is too small to not encourage each other. If we stay a team and want each other to succeed, we have to cheer on our teammates.

I will take this failure and use it to improve my performance for my next competition, more importantly for my next big competition in Buena Vista.

Don’t let failure stop you, let it fuel you.

SYOTR // Madz

PS – The NOC Freestyle Clinic and Shootout was a lot of fun and I want to thank all of the instructors, judges, volunteers, friends, and competitors that made it such a fun weekend!