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So we have spent the last few weeks going though over 30 applications to the Jackson Kayak Little Shredders Team. There is so many amazing kids doing such fantastic things out there all over the world, with applications from Europe, Oceania all over America, almost all corners of the globe there are kids in Jackson Kayaks just firing up rivers, holes, creeks and waves all around. It has been amazingly difficult to select the team for this year as the applications that have come in were just awesome. It is exciting to see these kids just throwing their absolute all into their paddling, the future of the sport has never looked so good.

SO after much contemplation in no particular order here is our first new addition to the 2017 Jackson Kayak Little Shredders Team. Mason Hargrove, 14 years old from Columbus Georgia. Mason just won the Cadets class at the USA team trials and he is just shredding the waves down there. Who would have thought that we would get wave boaters in Georgia, with the Columbus feature in full swing Mason has been able to be one of the best wave boaters in the world for his age and he is also a true gentleman. Congratulations Mason mate. Here is a bit about Mason.


Hey Guys, it is Mason Hargrove. As of Monday, April 17, I am 14 years old and live in Smiths Station, Alabama with my two parents and three younger siblings. I want to share with you, why I love the crazy sport of Whitewater Kayaking and hope to encourage you to give it a try. So, why I love to kayak . . . the laughter it brings, amazing friendships made, experiences of traveling and enjoying God’s creation is just to name a few. Being on the water is such a stress reliever for me. I love being surrounded by whitewater; the sound of it rushing under my boat when surfing, the personal gratification when I land a trick that I have worked so hard to complete, and the enjoyment I get when learning new tricks while laughing at my failed attempts. Playboating is what I love to do, but river running and creeking is also full of excitement and beauty that you can sometimes only find by being in your boat. The joy and adrenalin rush of getting to the bottom of a rapid is the greatest feeling ever or the simple task of floating down an easier descent, just being on the river with family and friends brings a smile to my face. Boating with my family is the best part, seeing my siblings and parents on the water makes me so happy. It’s our best bonding time when we are all out there laughing, exploring and making lasting memories. You are never too old or too young to get into a boat. Jackson Kayak has a great market for many different aspects of kayaking, where you can find your happy spot. Hope to see you on the river, really soon!!

We will be contacting and announcing the team over the next week so stay tuned for more announcements soon. To those that didn’t make the team we really wish we could support everyone out there however we wish you all the very best in the future and would love to see what you get up to next. A big thank you to everyone that has applied!