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This wave is easily my favorite spot in Maine.

Madison is in central Maine on the Kennebec River and best flows are around 19k to 25k on the USGS gauge.

The wave here usually doesn’t come in much or comes in while I’m at work or sleeping or sometimes when it is way too cold but we go anyway because its Madison.

The JK Rockstar is the funnest most capable freestyle boat I have ever paddled and It would be awesome to see this spot come in again this year.

We only were able to catch the good flows for two days but the place is way fun. Trying to land screws, pan ams, back blunts and simply trying to stay upright is the name of the game here.

The Rockstar is awesome because its loose on the wave, pops in the air but also is forgiving and easy to roll. Best boat, best wave here so far this season!