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We are proud to announce the second addition to the Jackson Kayak Little Shredders, we would like to welcome Ben Higson from Wales. Not only is this kid is so excited about kayaking and an awesome ambassador for the sport, but he is 12 and can Space Godzilla and McNasty, WOW, at 12 years old, who would have thought. This kid can shred, check out his video. Welcome Ben, this kid is going to be an all star.

I have been Kayaking since I was 5 years old because my mum paddles and was on the Welsh canoe slalom team. I started off doing slalom and getting familiar with local rivers. When I was 8years old, I started to watch YouTube videos of freestyle Kayaking and then I had a go in a Jackson Shooting Star at a paddlefest at my local whitewater centre. When I first got in the shooting star, I loved it and decided to take up freestyle Kayaking. On my 9th birthday I got my own Jackson Shooting Star and did my first roll. Five months later I entered my first freestyle competition, a Younguns freestyle event which was so much fun and I made loads of friends. Since then I have entered many more freestyle competitions including the Hurley Classic for the last 3 years. One of my favorite things about Kayaking is how I get to meet new people all the time and make so many friends. I absolutely love getting to travel all around the UK and sometimes around the world. There are amazing views, fun experiences and finding freestyle holes that are awesome to do tricks in. Another thing that motivates me is learning new skills and tricks and the challenge of running new rivers. I have got lots of the other kids in my club into Kayaking white water and freestyle and they are going to come with me to events this year. Kayaking is such an amazing community and everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and are always there for you which makes me happy. As well as freestyle I do river running, slalom and polo. I paddle slalom and freestyle c1 as well as k1. I also paddle a Jackson Sidekick for whitewater. In December I went to Dubai Kayaking at WADI Adventure and I met so many new people who were nice and friendly who showed me all of the good play holes on the white water course. My favorite trick is the McNasty as I find it challenging to do as I’ve only just learned it.