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Ok, here we are back on #TruckLifeTour proper, and now the focus of our tour shifts from hope boat training to big waves as we venture into one of my favorite zones, eastern Canada.  My new home the Ottawa river is going rickter high and this is just the beginning. But how did I get here?

Well like a lot of truck Life Tour we did some driving.  I flew from my parents place in long. Each to Pittsburgh, PA where Brooke collected me and we started driving.  We aimed to drive to the border, sleep and then cross in the morning BUT it after I made a series of wrong turns we ended up at the border too soon and and ended up cruising into Canada around 1:30am.  We slept until 8:30 and then started driving. Passing through Niagara Falls it seemed foolish not to go take a look.  I have been living in Canada 6-8 months per year for the last five years but in all that time I have never made it down to the falls so I had to see it.  Pretty epic out there!


After that a long drive over to the Ottawa valley and home! The following day we would hit the water with a running start and hit the Ruins wave in Ottawa. It was a great level and a great weather day. We surfed this wave for the next few days before the level became too high.  We headed back into The Valley to wait for the last of the BIG waves there to come in. As a side note during the first day or so in Canada my laptop gave up the ghost which is why this update is so late and so light on photos!


At the end of the April, the first UNLEASHED Competition is taking place, a multi stage event showing extreme kayaking at its finest. Over the next couple of weeks we will be trying to train for that as best we can.


Levels here in he valley are climbing crazy high and the melt has barely started. This will be an interesting spring to see how high the level will finally go to!