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After training slalom for 6 months straight and winning both K1 and C1 Slalom Jr. Team Trials, in North Carolina, I flew home to compete in my local river festival after missing it for three years! We have been in a severe drought in Nevada to the point where the river festival had even been canceled, but not this year. This year we had almost record flows making for crazy big water. Our normal peak during to festival is around 1,500-2,000 CFS and this year it got over 5,000, making our usual hole a super fun, green wave. It took me a little while to get used to it, but by the end, I was able to throw most of my wave moves and even loops! The competition was super fun, (having only pro women’s) and I was up against some of my first coaches and heroes like Emily Jackson and Ruth Gordon. Ruth was my first coach who got me ready for my first freestyle competition (Reno River Fest) way back when I was 7, making it a very surreal moment. I ended up second to Emily in finals, scoring almost my whole ride and first in boater cross, winning smiles all around! Go check out my video from Reno!