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Competitions are something that almost every kayaker does, be it a hometown throwdown or Worlds! Competitions may make some people nervous but what I’ve found most helpful is to visualize your ride and seeing you do it in your head!
Visualizing your ride can make all the difference of having an awesome ride, or having an ok ride!
See your ride-
Take 5 minutes and run through your ride in your head. See the tricks that you’ll do in your head. A key point is to see yourself doing the trick in your own boat and gear. That way, when you get on the wave or hole, you know your ride and what to do. The other thing that visualizing your ride helps with is knowing what to do if something goes wrong. Also, knowing your ride inside and out can help nail your ride every time and dominate in competitions!! 
The other helpful thing is having a backup plan. If something goes wrong, you can still have an amazing ride and score well!
Hope this helps!
See you on the river,
Bryce Aaron