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When you focus on the positive sides to paddling, your performance improves because you focus on improving not your mistakes. You should still pay attention and learn from your mistakes. However, you shouldn’t focus on the fact that you missed your trick or that you should have done something. Focus on what you can do to improve. 

     You must stay positive no matter what. It doesn’t matter how badly you fall on your face, or how badly you screw up you still have to make an effort to be positive. Positivity also gives you confidence to achieve your goals. If you stay positive when you fail, it makes the fail note as bad. The fail becomes fun. Honestly, you only truly learn from failure. Also, when you think about doing something, the more likely you are to do it. 

     We promote postivity at Keeners. For instance, during our weekly rodeo you get a 3 point bonus for claiming your ride. Ways to claim your ride include, giving a fist pump, cheering, throwing your arms up in the air etc. As long as you reflect that you are having fun, you receive the bonus. If you do the opposite and are a “snit” and show actions of negativity, you will loose 10-30 points. Some actions include throwing/slamming your paddle, frowning, booing etc. When we are rewarded with the point bonus for being positive, we get in the habit of being positive 24/7. In reality, people want to be around other positive people. It helps us get invited to hang out and paddle with other people. 

     Being on the water is a gift because you escape all the stress from life. It is a fantastic opportunity to focus on one thing, kayaking. Take advantage of it and enjoy it. If you stay positive on the water it will help you improve. It gives you confidence, and helps you stay focused on your goals. Thus, helping you achieve them.

SYOTR Maddie Kimmel