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You may, at one point or another, have seen a person paddling a playboat (a short stubby boat) with a big inflatable airbag underneath their sprayskirt. I’m sorry to say, they were not just happy to see you; they were using a Happy Thruster! If you haven’t seen a Happy Thruster and a Happy Seat before, it’s basically an airbag system that takes your outfitting to the next level. The Happy Seat goes underneath your thighs while you’re sitting in your boat to give you a totally secure feel when you’re going for dynamic freestyle moves. For me, this is an essential piece of outfitting because it’s what helps me really throw the boat around easily.

Combine the Happy Seat with the Happy Thruster, and you’ve got yourself set up for some huge aerial moves. The Happy Thruster is an implosion resistant device as well as a way to give your boat that extra pop to go huge on your favorite freestyle moves. I noticed an enormous difference from when I was going without the combo and to when I started using it every time I was in my playboat. I never realized how much my skirt was sinking in when I was in a bow stall or plugging for an aerial move. Once you get used to the slightly different balance point with the added deck volume, you will feel your freestyle moves go bigger immediately. And forget the beach balls, the Happy Thruster combo is perfectly designed to attached to the inside of your RockStar, and can be adjusted on the spot just like your Happy Feet or Sweet Cheeks.

I recommend the Happy Thruster combo to any playboater out there who is looking to take their skills and their air to the next level. No serious playboater would be caught dead without their Happy Thruster whether they’re training or competing.

See you on the river!