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My summer has been crazy, hectic, and non stop. I finished the Colorado tour with the
GoPro Mountain games and was on the first flight I could get to Europe. I was in Bratislava,
Slovakia for 10 days before flying back to California to meet Rush Sturges to film a segment for
California Tourism. The series is with Ex Olympic Skier Jonny Mosley, and Rush and I had the
honor of teaching him the ropes of kayaking!
It was a crazy day getting back to California, starting at 3 am in Vienna, Austria, landing
in San Fransisco and meeting my mom in the van around noon, and finally ending at 11:30 pm
in Otter Bar, California. I crashed as soon as we arrived, very happy to be able to sleep with my
puppy at least for a couple nights! When I woke up in the morning, I ran over to breakfast and
grabbed some food and met the crew! Everyone was super nice, and right after breakfast, we
were filming.
We started with intro shots and then the fun started. We taught Jonny everything from
how to do a forward stroke to how to put a sprayskirt on. As soon as he was in all his gear, Rush
and I jumped in the water with him. I demonstrated a couple rolls, then it was Jonny’s turn. He
was a natural, in just one session he was able to do wet exits and by the end he had even got a
After lunch, we headed just down the road to a awesome class 2 rapid where Jonny got
out on his first wave train. We ran it about 7 times with Jonny doing everything from leading
Rush and I down, to handling the white madness while Rush and I did flips and cartwheels
around him. Jonny only had one swim the whole time and we all had a blast! We then finished
filming for the day with a cool drink by the fire and ending scenes.
The next morning, we did some final scenes including two waterfall shots, but
unfortunately, I was not allowed to run them due to legal issues. We wrapped up the day in the
afternoon, and then my mom and I drove the 7 hours back so I could be home for 12 hours
before flying back to Europe to get ready for Jr. Slalom Worlds! Check out the video below and
come check out the Otterbar Lodge!