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It’s been about two years since the release of the latest Rockstar, and I’m just as in love with it as I was when I first paddled it.

My first experience in a 2016 Rockstar was in Ausable Chasm in upstate New York in 2015. As I practiced on flatwater in between rapids, I remember being blown away with how easy the boat was to paddle in comparison to my previous playboat. It made getting vertical just so much more effortless than anything else I had been in before. The bow and stern of the boat are really slicey, yet still give you enormous pop in holes.

While I can’t speak personally for how it performs on giant waves, I have found that it makes surfing average sized waves really easy, and the boat likes to release easily as you transition from edge to edge. This makes the boat perfect for people just getting into freestyle or river play, and people who are chasing those river giants as well.

The reason why I love this boat so much is because it really helps you learn. It’s very forgiving and as a result, it lets you focus on your paddling ability. There’s never been a time where I feel like the boat isn’t performing like I need it to, it’s more like I’m not performing to the boat’s maximum.

This boat allows me to have a continuous stream of improvement where I feel like I get a little bit better every time that I get on the water. When a boat can do that for you, it really motivates you to get out there and work hard. I think if I this boat was out when I started paddling, I probably could have progressed in freestyle a lot faster. As I’m able to travel and paddle in more places, I’m really excited to have the Rockstar as my companion and see where it can take me.

If you’ve never paddled a Rockstar, I really suggest that you try it out. It’s by far the best playboat on the market right now and it’s going to be a tough design to top.

See you on the river!