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The T wave is my favorite place to paddle here in Maine. This spring and summer the wave/hole never came in as the river was way to high for months, then went too low overnight. Bummer…………

This spot is finicky with complicated pond levels and flows, but with some rain the feature came in for the whole month of November into December. We had a great session there just yesterday, and maybe today but the conditions up here call for drysuits, mittens and two good head covers. For me anyway, to be upside down so much calls for a lot of gear, which affects mobility and range of motion. But at least the T wave came in, that’s all that matters.

It was incredibly fun this year watching the athletes at the worlds in Argentina tear it up and compete for medals, while we would try to get tips watching the live feed of competition. Most of the tricks and combos are beyond me, but slowly learning new moves is so fun and the spot we have here can produce those moves even if they are sometimes unintentional. Really exciting.

A perfect way to end the paddling year here and look forward to the upcoming paddling season in 2018!