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2017 was another great year!

• I paddled my home spot, Charles City Whitewater, as much as I could (40 times to be exact).

Photo: Charles City Whitewater. PC: Marty Colbert

• I started trying to figure out Blunts and McNastys, along ways to go here yet, but I’m trying.

Photo: Working on the Blunt. PC Marty Colbert

• PFD’s: Upper Gauley WV, Surf Diagonal Ledges WV, Daddys Creek TN, High water Peshtigo WI, Caught the eddy above Baby Falls Tellico River TN, Surfed Lake Michigan.

Photo: Upper Gauley.

• Helped Bailey Ogle get her roll more consistent and encouraged her to try a playboat for the first time. Seeing her succeed at rolling, surfing, and side surfing was awesome.

Photo: Myself and Bailey Ogle. PC Marty Colbert

• Hosted kayaking clinics at our local whitewater park.

• Assisted with the Charles City Challenge event, A low water year for the event, but we still had a weekend of whitewater competition with 30 paddlers and 500+ spectators.

• Based in NE Iowa, I paddled 91 days and racked up approximately
17,000 miles driven to paddle.

My 2018 goals include:
• Learning to McNasty.
• Working on my nonexistent left side cartwheel.
• Helping my good friend Emily Perreault learn to roll her Zen.

I am grateful for all of the continued support, thank you! Looking forward to another great year!

-Hannah Ray J