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The South East has lucked out with gorgeous weather as we end off the month of February. So it was no surprise to see the parking lots full at the first Cheoah River recreational release of the season. There must have been a minimum of 1000 paddlers out on the river in all kinds of crafts.

Though I couldn’t decided which boat to take, so I make a MixMaster vs Anitx test to see which was more fun. They both had their own strong points, as I played the whole way down the river on back to back to back laps.

The Antix offers a touch more speed, stability but still offers lots of fun with surfing, splats and stern squirts, as well as great loops with it’s high volume bow. The MixMaster did everything the Antix did but more, with cartwheels, bow and stern squirts, pirouettes and tons of splats.

In the end I would say the MixMaster was more fun, though its a tough call, being that I chose the Antix for my last lap. You should go try them out back to back and come up with your own thoughts, but for now check out my edit and see who did it better.