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New update on my adventures- After finishing up with the Reno River Festival, I headed out to Buena Vista, Colorado for Paddle Fest. It’s one of my favorite events of the season and the flows this year were higher than normal, which made me even more excited! I showed up the week before the competition, but was still mainly focusing on slalom workouts. I would get up early everyday and get a freestyle session in, then I would go to gym, slalom sprints, or run, then would finish off the day with another freestyle session. I was super tired between all my workouts and trying to adjust to the high elevation, but I was feeling great when the festival came around. In prelims, I had a combined score of over 1,000 points and I was pretty happy with my rides, but I had some more tricks up my sleeve for finals. The next morning for finals, I put down a 750 on my first ride scoring everything I planned except my phonixes and was able to keep the lead and get the gold with Emily Jackson behind me with a 618 and Kady Kellog with a 610! I then competed in SUP cross (2nd), SUP surf (5th), and finished off the week by winning the Women’s Numbers race!