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Over Memorial day weekend, my family made one of the best decisions ever. We decided to go to surf Buseater. I had come home from school, and my mom told me that Minibus was in, so we packed up and set for the land of Canadia. When we arrived on Saturday afternoon, we unpacked and parked our RV at River Run Rafting (Shoutout to the lady at the gate, she is the kindest person we have ever met!), and we went straight to Bussy. When we got there, a friendly guy named Philippe was coming up from the river and said that he would be happy to go back out again with us if we wanted to go, which was awesome! The level was 16.75 feet on the gauge, which was somewhat high, but still plenty of fun. One of my main worries that I could not get out of my head was if I still knew how to use the rope! Luckily, I surprised myself by getting onto the wave first try with the rope, and that relieved me. Although the day was a warm up day, getting used to the wave again, I was able to huck a few giant blunts which I was very stoked about!

On day 2, we woke up, and again went to the river. This time we were surprised when we met Anna Bruno, Seth Ashworth, and Tyler “TC” Curtis on the water for a nice little reunion after not seeing each other in a long time, since the summer at OKS’s Keener program (highly recommended). Not only that, but I was able to throw a few panams and get closer to landing my airscrews straight, which I am excited about because I have been making so much progress with them! In general, the trip was incredible and I had never thought, up until a few hours before, that we would drive 10-12 hours without extensive planning to go surf a wave!