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I just paddled the New RockStar 4.0 at Hell Hole and am super impressed! The video below is a quick edit from my first ten rides.

I am 5’7″ and 175 pounds. 31″ inseam size 11 foot. My seat is 1 forward from the middle. I have a foot block with 3 shims and a happy feet inside it. I am sitting on a double (200) seat. So, there is plenty of room.

I have three top reasons why this boat, combining the best features of each RockStar generation (and All Star), is my favorite playboat of all time:

1. The Fit – comfortable and sized right for my weight to fly high and not flush out.

2. Predictable Wave Take Off – excellent speed from forward and rear surfing. If I’m paying attention, I don’t miss any opportunity to throw a trick in this boat. This also translates to easy surfing for learning!

3. Easy Edge to Edge Transition – Better for everything from basic carving to blunts and beyond. Stable on edge too. Easy to control when I want the edge and when I don’t.

My initial impression is that this kayak is easier to paddle on the river and surf than previous Rockstar models, as was the forte of the All Star. Yet, the hull seems to achieve the extreme speed necessary for difficult freestyle moves when edged hard or weight is shifted aggressively. It surfs friendly and easy when the weight is closer to neutral. This is so much easier to control! My hope is that more curious playboaters will give this boat a try and find some confidence in better rides and improved downstream performance. On the same token, there will be some incredible moves pulled off in this boat by paddlers of many sizes, and I’m ready to continue progressing along with them!