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“Golden Hour” on the Ottawa River is truly a magical time of the day. When the sun starts to peek through the clouds, over the trees, it aluminates the water creating a golden glow that attracts photographers and kayakers from around the world.

2016 paddler Cameron OConnor @cameronkayak

My first-time experiencing “Golden Hour” was back in 2016 when I was at Keeners Whitewater Camp. There’s something special about seeing the sun rise over the trees while your out on the water, with a small group of friends. Maybe it’s the feeling of freedom and peacefulness while surfing the perfect wave, or the amazing times you have experiencing life with others, maybe it’s a little bit of both. This past weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing “Golden hour” once again.

2018 paddler Logan Smith @kayakerdude

Usually I’m not much of an early riser, however lying in bed, remembering two years ago, gave me the motivation to get up. Standing out on the river side in the exact same spots as two years ago really touched me in a special way. Not only reminiscing on the last time I saw the Ottawa River at its best, it allowed me to see how much I have changed within the last two years of my life. Looking back, I have progressed so much in my kayaking career, two years ago I could barley catch corner wave, this year throwing tricks like blunts seems so easy. It’s a little scary to remember who I was and compare that person to who I am today. Two years fly by so fast, I can’t even start to imagine who ill be or what my kayaking skills will be like in 10 years, more-or-less 20 years. I look forward and embraces the adventures life will take me on in my future.