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Here is 60 seconds on how to set up an anchor on a kayak using a load sharing system often called a boatman’s knot. This shares the load equally between the two grab loops so you don’t pull one grab loop off. All you need is one rope and a carabiner. This does not use a lot of equipment and can easily be attached with just one carabiner.

Start off by pulling out two arm lengths of rope and tie an alpine butterfly in the rope. Then attach the carabiner in the loop. Then thread the end of the rope through the grab loop, back up through the carabiner, then back around the other grab loop. Then tie a figure of 8 on the bight and attach the loop back through the carabiner.

This distributes the load equally between the two grab loops and shares the load evenly.

With thanks to Jackson Kayak, Kokatat, Boreal Rescue and Explore Expeditions