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This weekend I got to paddle the new RockStar 4.0, and it really does live up to the hype!

My first impressions just from sitting in it was that there is a little bit more volume in the middle of the boat because the knees are raised up higher. Personally, I think this is amazing! As I am not very tall (5’9″), but I am on the higher side of the weight range of the 2016 model (175-180 lbs.), more volume in the knees means that I will be able to get the air I want without sacrificing the slicey ends. I am very excited for the bigger stern as well. Many times, I felt as though my stern was underwater and almost dragging me back a little with the 2016 model, but with this boat, I felt well balanced. As soon as I jumped in I already knew that I would love it.

Like I mentioned before, I love that they raised the knees up. This will do two things, it will make it so that bigger and taller people will be able to fit into smaller boats, and if you are short (like me), you can add another “happy seat” to sit up a little higher and you will have more than enough volume to launch into the air. I think it will make sizing a lot easier, and the boat will be more comfortable for everyone.

I noticed as well that the bow is a little bit narrower and more pointed towards the nose. It did take me a little while to make sure that I was looping 100% straight, but when I plugged straight I was well rewarded. I can’t wait to try the 4.0 on a wave as the slicey nose will be a huge benefit.

I really loved using this boat! It will definitely be a welcome addition to my Jackson Kayak fleet. I really couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Can’t wait to get my own!!

Hope to see you out on the water soon!
Jacob Walker