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Boatercross is one of the most intense races, where you and your friends go head to head in a downriver or gaint slam race. The smallest mistake can cost you everything here are some strategies to help you succeed in the boater cross-

1. Choose a Fast Line- When picking a line look for a direct line with the least amount of slow water, let the current push you to your destination. Let the water do the work for you! During boater cross the best line might not be the fastest line, if everyone is pushing through each other to in the same line it might not be the fastest. Your line should be a balance between fast and the least taken.

2. Avoid Contact- Banging Boats and/or paddles against others slows you down. Getting tangled up with other paddlers is counterproductive because instead of sprinting you are trying to get away from another parson. When racers get tangled it is also likely that paddles end up in faces which could lead to injury and/or disqualification.

3. Pass with Space- Passing with plenty of spaces helps prevent getting tangled. If you have plenty of space, then you don’t bang into each other.

4. Be Flexible- With so many possible things that could happen, you must be able to quickly adjust your line, weather it is a curler, a person or you make a mistake. Being able to adjust quickly is important so that one problem doesn’t cost you everything.

5. Be Ruthless- Sprint from the beginning to the end. Even if you are ahead, still give it your 150% because someone behind you could catch up. If you are behind it is still important to alway finish strong and give it your all!

Here is a Video of the Boater cross at Montreal Eau Vive