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Usually, I demo a boat before buying, however, this time I went ahead and made the purchase without ever being in one largely due to the fact that I waited on the previous generation and I was kicking myself. Being a small paddler, I had fears this boat would be too large for me. While I know this is being read on Jackson’s website, I can honestly say my fears were put to rest once I was able to paddle it on the river.

For your reference, I am 5’3” weighing in around 115 lbs. Here is my first impression(s) of this boat.

  • The hype is real. It goes BIG. I threw the only air loop I have ever thrown in Hell Hole on the Ocoee River and it was pretty rad!
  • It is a stable river runner compared to the previous generation
  • I had no issues throwing it down in flatwater
  • Super fast and loose on a wave

I want more time in the boat to give a full, in-depth review but these were the major points I took home after shredding in the 4.0 small. If you are hesitant, go out and demo one and fall in love for yourself!