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High tension is one of the best waves in the world, anyone who has surfed it would agree it’s high on the list, perfectly smooth, a great shoulder, easy eddy and walk up, good viewing place, steep, big enough for combos, and so easy to cycle. Those all make it a world class wave that people flock to when in. This year the wave first came in right at the start of May and actually stayed in through the very end of June, already at this point it is very rare for the wave to be in for two months and super lucky for those who got to spend time on it. Later in the year I checked the gauge around late August and saw that the wave was prime!! I thought it was impossible or super rare for it to be those levels at the end of the summer but I guess this year it was perfect. The wave slowly get lower but is still in though the start of December although low side rather then prime. Overall in the year I personally probably spent around 20 days here and had 2 overnighters at the wave, 1 in spring one in fall. Can’t wait for more time at high tension next year when the air temperature is a bit warmer!

Check out my 2018 High Tension edit here:

– Luke Pomeroy