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After seeing Rockstar 4.0 release I was wondering that it might be a bit too big for smaller features.. Nothing more wrong!
Interesting thing was that the volume for Rockstar 2016 was quite bigger being 61.4 gallons! I was wondering if being perfect size for RS16 (55 gallons) – next boat would be a good match for me? My weight is 70kg and I got I paddle medium size. Rockstar 4.0 is bigger than previous RS 16 version having more volume on the bow and stern. Even despite that – I was amazed how easy it was to throw that boat around on flatwater, and that was just a start! It is also very comfortable for your knees as extra volume allows you to keep them even better locked in redesigned pockets!
I tried it for the first time in Sort, Spain – where the next World Championships are going to take place. It gave a huge boost of control despite the size of the hole, everything felt smooth and retaining the tricks was a lot easier. And BOOM the air on tricks! Then I had a chance to test in Nottingham – where again it was a great fit for the Troll Hole. Those were good reviews for me but I kept wondering how is it going to act on the wave or a small hole?
Just after making it to Uganda I spent couple of days preparing outfit and headed straight for Superhole and Itunda hole.

Something to know is that the outfitting and the cockpit rim have all been moved forward 3/4 of an inch to allow people to sit farther forward. So if you are sitting in the middle in the 4.0, you are sitting what would have been 1 notch forward in the old boat. Thanks to that I managed to move my seat even more forward and it was peferct for me to balance the volume around the boat! Both bow and stern stalls are really easy to control!
On the superhole (small wave) – it felt easier than EVER ! I did paddle couple of different boats and always struggled to do proper clean blunts. Thanks to getting bottom of the boat more narrow – the boat is a lot quicker and really easy to take off using the edge drive! If you know superhole – from Uga
In Itunda hole (small hole) – aerial boost is just ridiculous. It is really easy to control the angle of the plug and take off into the air. Also the boat is very retentive! However at the same time doing multiple cartwheel ends or linking combinations is super easy ! I was amazed how well this boat does in a really small feature!
This boat is amazing! I could never clean blunt in a plastic boat in superhole ! It is fast, snappy but at the same time really balanced and easy to control giving extra air in the hole while still being easy to throw ends around!
This is definitely my favorite boat right now! I’m having way more fun than in any plastic or carbon boat before!

Check out the video to get the answers!

What’s next? Keep your eyes open for Cubin surfs!

– Bartosz Czauderna