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The James River in Richmond Virginia has been awesome last fall and this winter so far. It has rained so much here that for a kayaker it has been like a dream come true.

Rain and more rain has made some incredible flows and floods here with consistent high water with pushy fun fluffy lines. The river here in Va is so wide and long that there are multiple sections to paddle with a ton of different lines to run. I feel like I’m just beginning to scratch the surface.

I’ve been very lucky in that the flows have been high and the paddlers I have met have been so skilled and friendly showing me new spots and channels at varying flows. It has been really fun following these paddlers through slots, boofs, flooded dams turned into waves and splats and squirt lines over and over. So fun.

One of my favorite boats ever is the medium Antix. I have a tough time not being in it. I let a friend borrow it and was glad he took it because it is hard for me to leave for the river without it. It’s been nice to get back to river running here with a river running kayak that surfs so well. It also stern squirts and boofs like a dream while inspiring confidence in big water. If you haven’t been in one give it a try. The Antix is awesome!