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Road to Worlds
Name: Tomasz Czaplicki
What country are you competing for? Poland
Favorite place to train? Plattling, Millau and Makinito spot and R.I.P. Nile Special
How many World Championships have you competed in before?
My first Worlds was in Thun in 2009 so Sort will be my 6th World Championships.
What are your previous placements at Worlds?
I don’t remember all of them but the most successful was at N.O.C. Nantahala in 2013 where I got bronze in K1M which is still the first and only World Championships medal for Poland in Freestyle Kayaking. I’ve got 7th in Squirt Boating in the same event. My second best Worlds was in San Juan in 2017 where I placed 4th in Squirt Boating and 7th in K1M.
How does the level of competition at World Championships compare to any other freestyle competition?
World Championships and European Championships in my opinion are two the most challenging events in calendar. Because it takes place once per 2 years and all best paddlers in the World are coming to one place to compete together and to answer the question who is the best at the moment it makes it so difficult to win. It’s just one event which takes place in one spot and you have only one chance to show your best rides. That makes World Championships epic event.
What’s your favorite part about World Championships? Or if you have never been to a Worlds before what are you most excited for? (Location, people, party, competing, training, etc.)
I like to travel. Every event is a chance to see something new and to meet new people. During Worlds I’m focused on event but there is always time to paddle for fun with friends. Other thing is competing. I’m competitive person and I’m active in sport in overall for more than 20 years. It’s amazing feeling when I show my skills and crowd is happy with that. Of course it’s not easy to compete with big pressure but in overall I really like it.
What are you doing to prepare for the 2019 Freestyle World Championships?
I’m paddling in my favorite locations and focusing on my moves and training together with Zosia Tuła who is kind of my sparring partner at the water. Not like a boxing style for sure. It’s working in that way that we both are watching our runs and doing analysis and looking for things which need some improvement.
Besides that I’m going to Colorado Tour in May/June to train in more different locations and to compete in big events as GO Pro Mountain Games or CKS Paddle Fest. I like to build my shape by competing. Before big events in the past I was competing in Europe now I’m moving to USA.
What are some things you think you can do to improve your placement in Sort?
I won both World Cups in Sort in 2018 but I know that is history now. World Championships will take place in reshaped feature and no one knows how much different it will be in comparison to old one. I’m focusing on improving all my moves and to go huge air in my new boat JK Rock Star 4.0.
Do you have any pre-competition traditions?
Sure, I like coffee so I drink it. Besides of that I’m doing long warm up and mental training but Coffee is the most important one ;p
Favorite pump up song?
“Whisky in the Jar” cover by Metallica
“St. Anger” Metallica
and a couple more…

Do you normally make a routine that you practice and use in competition or do you just send it with no plan?
It depends of the feature quality, competition level and my shape. Normally I’m focused on plan but sometimes when plan A doesn’t work I’m going to plan B. When plan B doesn’t work I’m going to plan C which means no plan 🙂
What is your goal at the 2019 World Championships?
Having epic display on time and show my best rides. That’s my goal.
What tricks or combos do you think you will put into your rides?
It all depends of new feature. I hope to do some huge combo moves and high ranked trophy moves but let’s see what kind of feature we will see in Sort.
What are your early predictions for who is going to do well in Sort?
It’s a hard question. Level is very high and everyone from top 10 can take gold.
If you have been to a previous World Championships, what are some tips or secrets you want to share with first time Worlds Competitors?
If that’s your first World’s remember that you are going there not only to fight for best place in event. Don’t worry if somethings goes wrong. Remember that you are going there to learn new things and if you will learn a lot next World Championships will be way better for you.