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Wave O Saurus – a Nile sized wave right here in New England
Ok, I admit that I have not been to Wave O Saurus in the last few years. Four years ago, the Amtrak police were out in force to ensure that no one crossed the tracks to paddle Wave o Saurus. For some strange reason, anyone but kayakers could cross the tracks but paddlers needed to find new access points! This was one reason that I stayed away and the other being that my timing was off and I never seemed to be around when the wave was in. Well luckily this year things are different! You can access the wave by the dinosaur foot prints – the good old fashioned way, and after missing the big waves of the Nile since Isimba dam flooded them in November, I can honestly say that Wave O Saurus gives the same awesome big water wave experience right here in New England. The only difference being that it is not in all the time and the water is colder!

On this trip, Andy Kuhlberg and I met Dave Su on late Wednesday afternoon to enjoy a fantastic sundown surf session. The slowness of the wave and its gentleness makes it the best big wave introduction anyone could have. And it also allows for plenty of time to try new and old tricks with minimal consequence. The only thing to remember is to dress for the water temps which are still cold this year. With the persistent wet weather, Wave O has been in a lot more than in the past few years and if the weather continues like this for the Spring, I suspect we will see more of this awesome feature. Though I had done some wave surfing with my new Rockstar 4.0, I really was excited to see how it handled here and I was thrilled with its speed and ease of set up for every move I tried. The faster and narrowed hull meant it was easier to set up and successfully do the tricks I was trying and it also meant that it was easier to roll and paddle back to the eddy.

Even the beginners to bigger wave surfing will love Wave O’s easy access and gentleness. Don’t be afraid of the size, its softer and less bouncy than a lot of smaller features. All you need to do is try it and you will have a smile on your face all day long. I hope to see you out there soon! Enjoy!!