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Name: Ben Higson
What country are you competing for?
Great Britain
Favorite place to train?
Nottingham and Cardiff (especially if it is sunny). If I am lucky enough to go abroad Millau
How many World Championships have you competed in before?
None, this will be my first one. I think I will be the youngest there as I only make the age cut off by 13 days.
What are your previous placements at Worlds?
Never been, can’t wait.
How does the level of competition at World Championships compare to any other freestyle competition?
It will be the toughest as it is the best paddlers in the world
What’s your favorite part about World Championships? Or if you have never been to a Worlds before what are you most excited for? The experience, and lots of paddling! Meeting all the friends I have made already in freestyle and making new ones.
What are you doing to prepare for the 2019 Freestyle World Championships?
I am training whenever I get the opportunity but making sure I am still having fun.
What are some things you think you can do to improve your placement in Sort?
Perfecting the moves I can do to be 100% sure of scoring them
Do you have any pre-competition traditions?
I like to think out my ride and do flat water in the eddy and think of fun times.
Favorite pump up song?
Shipwreck and Zookeepers ark
Do you normally make a routine that you practice and use in competition or do you just send it with no plan?
I make a plan and have one I have been building on as I have learnt new tricks.
What is your goal at the 2019 World Championships?
Aim for a podium finish as I like to aim high and be positive.
What tricks or combos do you think you will put into your rides?
I would like to get space loops in there. I only did my first one last month so it will be a challenge.
What are your early predictions for who is going to do well in Sort?
I am rooting for my fellow GB paddlers Claire O’Hara, Ottilie Robinson-Shaw to keep their golds and for all the men to do well especially Harry Price in his first year as a senior.
If you have been to a previous World Championships, what are some tips or secrets you want to share with first time Worlds Competitors?
Keen to read everyone else’s tips.