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The Importance of Warming Up

After a grueling hour-long shuttle and waiting for twice that at the put-in, the only thing to do is hop on the water and fire it up. But, there’s one action you can take to help reduce injuries and feel better after a paddle*.
Warming up and stretching may seem like a mundane task that doesn’t accomplish much but it actually does a lot for your body. Something to note is stretching involves deliberate lengthening of the muscles to increase flexibly among other things, while warming up involves raising your heart and getting the blood flowing.

According to, stretching can improve your performance in physical activities, decrease your risk of injuries, help your joints move through their full range of motion, and enable your muscles to work most effectively. Warming up can prepare the body for activity by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation which will loosen the joints and also increase blood flow to the muscles.

By taking a few minutes to get your body ready for the river with simple stretches and doing something to get the heart rate up, you can lessen the chances of injury and spend more time on the river!
*There is never a guarantee that stretching & warming up will mitigate injuries, but hopefully this article will help.

See you on the River,