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I have found filming and editing kayak videos an enjoyable experience. Capturing our kayak adventures can be a great way to show non boater friends what we do. Kayaking videos on social media may encourage more people to try kayaking and hopefully grow awareness for this amazing sport. I’m no professional videographer but here some personal tips for creating more engaging content.

1.) Stabilization
Stable footage will make videos a more enjoyable experience for all your friends, family, and of course your fans! Today you can buy cameras with built in stabilization or buy external stabilizers (gimbals). If you don’t want to buy anything a great option is using a go pro pole. Keep a loose grip, and be aware when filming other people. Remember to use a drybag or box when using a non waterproof camera.

2.) POV
Everybody loves a good head cam video, but sometimes they can start to look the same. I think the head cam is great angle when kayaking but I also love seeing the angle from the outside of the river. Having your videos mixed with penty of differrnt angles can be much more engaging than a 3 minute video from your head.

3.) Creativity
Try to be creative when filming and editing videos. People want to know where you are? How you got there? Etc. This is your video so why not make it exactly how you want! You can use slow motion, filters, and sounds effects. And of course everyone loves a good interview. Always have fun with it.

Lastly, Remember to always choose setting safety over taking a video. I hope these tips help. If you have any questions feel free to email me at If you would like to watch videos that I have made go to my youtube @Vance Harris or my instagram @vanceharris00.

– Vance Harris