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Soaking In the Best Moments of Your Life.

Ever wonder, if you can make time stand still? Shrink your schedule and get a glimmer of unplugged moments together with the people you love most? What about the idea of putting away the to do lists, grasping at minutes of retreat and respite, and then releasing the mundane of everyday living to just breathe?

This my friends, is why we kayak. All of this, is what drives our Hargrove Adventures in whitewater. Picture the warmth of the sun, shining down on upon your face. Imagine the cool water dripping on your hands as you paddle, coupled with the sounds of the river rushing underneath you. Now add in the laughter of your family, and twinkles of enjoyment for yourself. No one is on the sidelines just sitting and watching, everyone is participating and experiencing the freedoms that blends the chaos of everyday life with fresh air, camaraderie, and exercise. The personal adrenaline rush, pushing ourselves and each other to step out of those comfort zones. The excitement of cheers when running a rapid, surfing a whitewater feature, or performing a new or challenging trick. Just breathing in the serenity of being outside in nature. This is how we make time stand still, this is how we create lasting memories and grow closer together.


Traveling from the Columbus, Georgia area, our family of 6 was looking for an adventure. The sun was shining over Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The water flows were perfect and our friends were in abundance. Pulling up in our RV, we see three different features, giving each of us opportunities to be enticed with excitement and challenges. Gearing up and heading out in our Jackson Kayaks, we scouted the river and then jumped in to satisfy our needs to adventure. The whitewater did not disappoint and we all left with full hearts and a bonding experience that provided little treasures in time. Enjoy our video of the day’s epic family fun.

– The Hargrove Family