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For Sale: JK Rockstar S, great condition. This lightweight boat is snappy, easy to control, comfortable, and gets big air. Comes with happy seat, JK water bottle, and years of excitement on the river. Having to sell due to having 4 kids and no time to kayak . . .
. . . WAIT, WHAT???

. . . Did you know that Jackson Kayak produces boats that fit kids. Did you also know there are ways to get your kids on the water, with you? We have four kids, ages 6-16, and we all kayak together, multiple times a week. Our youngest started in the Fun 1, at age 3, and our oldest just won the 2019 ICF Freestyle World Championships for Junior Men.

Our family of 6 hopes to encourage and challenge you to explore the idea that Whitewater Kayaking is not just for adults. Look at it as an opportunity to create a lasting impression on your children.

All our kiddos have different personalities and progress at different rates. It is up to us, to not allow their size to limit their ability to have a blast on the river. Jackson Kayak has whitewater kayaks that fit the youngest of paddlers, which not only increases the probability of them wanting to try out the sport, but to get back into the boat, time after time.

With the right size boat and a being prepared for a day on the river, we know you and your kid(s) will be full of memories made and planning the next adventure.

A few of our top tips for a successful day include: 1. Always, safety first! Everyone must wear a properly fitting whitewater specific, personal floatation device (PFD). Having a properly fitting helmet, is a plus, and required if getting into any of the whitewater current. 2. Looking up the air and water temperatures in advance, and having the proper fitting gear will create a positive experience for anyone on the river. If it is a chilly day, make sure to have layers of non-cotton cold gear, such as fleece, merino wool, polyester, or neoprene. Splash pants and a dry top or paddle jacket will add another layer of warmth on the coldest days. On warm days, wearing a thinner long sleeve rash guard, is a great way to keep cool and protect from the sun. Having water shoes is also an advantage, but avoid any gear that can easily float away. 3. Knowing your family members’ abilities and being prepared with a plan if they were to fall out of their kayak. Talk about swimming in whitewater, including floating in the nose-up, toes-up position. 4. Patience from you, is important for your kids that are more cautious or are younger. Remember, fun is the name of the game. 5. Be prepared with snacks and drinks, reminding your kiddos to take sips of water throughout the day. 6. Our last tip is to capture all these experiences on a waterproof camera to watch, laugh at, and share with others.

The following is our summary of the amazing boats that Jackson Kayak offers the smaller paddler:

Fun 1: Learning the love of Whitewater Kayaking, at an early age, has been a game changer for our youngest kiddos. The Fun 1 is Jackson Kayak’s smallest boat that gives the tiniest of paddlers the advantage of learning the basics of kayaking in a safe, stable, and easy to maneuver boat. Self-confidence and the positive experiences are always at an all-time high as they learn to ferry, run rapids independently, and start basic freestyle tricks next to the rest of the family.

Fun 1.5: The Fun 1.5, is a little longer than the Fun 1 and is used by our family when more stability is needed to river run, or when our littlest paddlers wants to step up the class of rapid they are desiring to run. With this boat being easy to roll, your kids are sure to grow in their love of being outside on the river with the entire family, creating lasting memories that can be repeated for generations to come.

Sidekick: A fully outfitted river runner, the Sidekick is stable and forgiving for our smaller boaters. Our family uses this boat when our kids want to run challenging rivers, or even compete in a down river race, but are not properly fitting in an Antix or a Zen. High volume and tall sidewalls help keep this boat upright, and moving downriver. Should your young adventurer flip upside-down, it is easy to roll, which keeps the stoke high.

Shooting Star: The Shooting Star, is a playboat that is easy to paddle, easy to roll, and allows a smaller kayaker the ability to increase their fun level to new heights as they grow in the intensity of features they are surfing, challenging eddies they are catching, and new tricks they are performing. Both our girls found their love of Whitewater Kayaking, while in this boat. They love the stability the Shooting Star possesses, while ferrying into a feature to work on surfing and building the confidence they need to try new tricks.

Rockstar XS: This lightweight playboat is a mini-sized Rockstar that allows the in-between paddler, the same performance level as the Rockstar. Due to paddling in a boat that correctly fits my growing 12-year-old, she has the ability to easily take her tricks to a higher level, and is not limiting her skillset to a boat that is too small or too big.

Please reach out to our crew on Instagram @hargroveadventures or Facebook @Hargrove Adventures and tell us, or share pictures about your day of river adventures.