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World Championships- Pre Event Reflection

There was a moment of hesitation when deciding- do we go to the Freestyle World Championships in 2022. Often when we haven’t done something in a minute you can question the WHY- Pros, Cons, positives, negatives, and implications of your decision. I am writing this...

Mountain State’s Highest Put In

submitted by Shane Groves The Mountain State has its fair share of put ins and take outs. But there can be only one that is higher than all the others. That put in happens to be at a beaver pond inside a high mountain bowl surrounded by lush forest off the Scenic...

How to survive and thrive with your significant other as your paddling partner

I was originally going to call this blog post the pros and cons of your significant other being your paddling partner. Then I built out my pros/cons list and had: PRO: they are always there to provide feedback CON: they are always there to provide feedback And...

King of the Alps

submitted by Andi Brunner One of the biggest whitewater Events in Europe is in the books for 2022 - King of the Alps. It was the tenth edition of the extreme kayak race in northern Italy. Over 150 people are fighting for the title King and Queen of the Alps. The event...

A Weekend At The CKS Paddlefest

submitted by Mateo Kowalczyk  Hi my name is Mateo Kowalczyk and I’m a 15 year old kayaker from Boise, Idaho! I just spent the weekend in Buena Vista, Colorado participating in the CKS paddle fest! It was my first ever paddle fest and I want to tell you a little bit...

25 Years on the Housatonic

There is no way it seems possible that I have been paddling the Housatonic for 25 years, but 2022 marks my 25th year of running the section from Bulls Bridge down. My first paddle down was in my trusty purple Dancer with my friend Dave Saaf, who was my first East...

Buena Vista Paddlefest – Better than Ever!

Coming back to Colorado is always great. Arriving to the big expansive mountains and plains give you a feeling of freedom and possibility, and returning to paddle in Buena Vista is just like that too. The competition hole is one of the best holes I have played in and...

Medium Jackson Kayak Antix 2.0 Full Interview (Review) with Scooter

The Antix 2.0 is no doubt one of the hottest boats in the Jackson Kayak lineup and I often get asked to borrow either my medium or small. A Long Creek, South Carolina local, Alma Alberghini, AKA “Scooter” took my medium out a number of times to the Tallulah River and...

Launching the ACA River Kayak Hand Paddling Curriculum

Paddling with your hands? What’s that all about? Probably a decade ago, I was presented with a silly contraption at a pool session that was made from plastic, strapped to your hands, and made it super easy to hand roll a whitewater kayak. Someone called them hand...

Deciding Between Antix 2.0 Sizes

submitted by Christina Kossis  A lot of people may find themselves in a similar position as me, in-between ranges of the recommended sizes for the Antix 2.0. At 5’-7” and approximately 150lbs with my gear, I had trouble deciding between a small and medium. I...


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Orion 35 quart cooler

Orion Coolers

Orion 35


JK Flatbill Snapback

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Snapback Flatbill JK Hat


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