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Take your freestyle paddling to new heights with the RockStar V.


Break through your comfort zone at any level on the water.


Learn why the new Antix 2.0 will be come your go-to boat.


Get bigger air than you ever thought possible in your playboat.


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Jackson Kayak

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10 Years of Paddlesports Volunteering

10 years ago (May 2014) I became an American Canoe Association (ACA) volunteer. I was selected to be ACA State Co-Director of South Carolina with my soon-to-be friend Ethan as part of an initial cadre across each U.S. State and Territory. The ACA was founded in 1880...

Purposeful Paddling and Kayak Instruction

I spend a lot of my time working with individuals on "purposeful movement" ... Whether it's in the gym or on the water, moving with purpose/intention and moving with the knowledge of "why" you want to move that way is important in moving safely, effectively and in...

Antix 2.0: A Love Story

I paddle my Medium Jackson Kayak Antix 2.0 a lot, more than any of my other kayaks. Why? It matches the style of paddling I do most often. It can do a bit of everything, making for a great day on the water. It is predictable through rapids, surfs exceptionally, rolls...

NoliFest 2024 Beat Nightfall BoaterX Results

NoliFest 2024 was a high water affair over the course of the weekend. We postponed the race with the river level peaking above +10,000 CFS on Friday and more rain in the forecast for the afternoon into the evening. We decided to rally the brave souls who still wanted...

Little White Salmon Race: Gnarvana or Nirvana?

This year, I had the grand opportunity to spend a month in White Salmon, WA, to paddle new whitewater and compete in the 2024 Little White Salmon Race. In prepping for this trip, I had to choose between bringing my medium Gnarvana or Nirvana. Knowing the season in the...

A recap from my 2023 California Whitewater Tour to get Stoked for 2024!

Submitted by Christina Kossis Looking back at my first California Whitewater Tour from last year, 2023, and getting stoked for the season ahead. A kayaking trip to California is tough to plan for specific runs without spending the entire summer season in the state. I...

Kayaker with a Doctoring Problem – Podcast

Kevin Cripps is a terrific interviewer, and I had a blast doing this podcast. It was a real trip down memory lane that brought me right up to the present!  

Wesley’s 2023 Rain Gauge Report

The spread sheets below are data from my rain gauge I have installed at my house in Elizabethton, TN. It is a true nerdy rain gauge measuring precipitation to the nearest 1/100th of an inch daily. 2023 turned out to be a less than an average year for rainfall for our...

L-E-A-V-E Teaching Acronym for River Ferries, Eddy Turns, & Peel Outs

Teaching kayaking since 2009, I’ve learned all sorts of different acronyms to remember when ferrying from Point A to Point B across river currents, entering a river eddy with an eddy turn, and exiting a river eddy with a peel out. These are essential maneuvers for all...

Building Rolling Confidence & Reliability

Is there really such a thing as a bombproof roll? Many people say it's a myth, and they're right that we're all still in between swims. The truth is though, you can develop bombproof technique, unwavering confidence, and strong reliability with your roll. It may never...


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Happy Seat, Happy Thruster Combo



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Happy Feet


Orion 35 quart cooler

Orion Coolers

Orion 35


JK Flatbill Snapback

Jackson Kayak

Snapback Flatbill JK Hat


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