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If you paddle any level of whitewater, you have already heard about the epic rivers in Mexico.  In the last 10 years, I have returned ‘south of the border’ for the incredible river adventures, but also for a lot more than that.  Here are my top #5 reasons to kayak in Mexico.


Photo Credit: Tom Janney (7 Sister’s on the Alseseca)

#1 Rivers.  You can experience anything from “deep jungle adventures” with 

100+ foot repels to class III waterfalls into big pools.

Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico – Alseseca, Filo Bobo’s, Oro, Actopan (just to name a few)

San Luis Potosi, Mexico – Mico’s, Tampeon, El Salto (just to name a few)

 Photo Credit:  Tom Janney (Enjoying the river with the team - 7 Sister's)

Photo Credit: Tom Janney (Enjoying the river with the team – 7 Sister’s)

#2 Local People.  I have never experienced the kindness and genuine nature, as the people in the areas of Mexico that I’ve traveled.  Plus, I’m always

greeted with a smile, eye contact and “Ola” when walking past.

Photo Credit:  Tom Janney (Just another boof on another drop in 7 Sister's)

Photo Credit: Tom Janney (Just another boof on another drop in 7 Sister’s)

#3.  River Logistics.  The rivers in Mexico are becoming very popular.  In Veracruz, MX we stay at Aventurec.  They make boating in the area so easy.  You tell them where you want to go and they will shuttle you there.  My experience at Aventurec can be described, “an organized, easy adventure”.

#4 Travel Logistics.  For the “first-timer”, traveling in Mexico is a little intimidating.  But, to get to Aventurec to explore the Veracruz boating, here is how easy it is:

  • Fly into Mexico City.
  • Take a bus to Puebla
  • Get off bus and take another bus to Tlapacoyan
  • Get off bus and take a taxi to Aventurec
  • There you go . . . the rest is SUPER easy!

#5 Community of boaters this area brings.  The people you meet and the river adventures shared create long-lasting friendships.  Being that Aventurec is typically where all the boaters stay, you meet some of the most amazing people to experience the Mexican jungle adventures with.


Roadside Photo Credit:  Sheer Madness Productions

Roadside Photo Credit: Sheer Madness Productions

This year, my husband and I were invited down to film the 9th Annual Alseseca Race.  

Check out the excitement!

Here is a big invite to put this race on your calendar for next year.  This race

typically happens the second weekend in January.  It’s going to be a BIG celebration

this year . . . being it’s the 10th year . . . so, expect to be blown away with amazement!

See you there!  Enjoy the photos captured during our latest visit down south!

Heather Herbeck

Team JK