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I’m sure Daddy’s Creek Go Fast Day started the same way most Creek races started.
A couple of friends paddling fast through a section of river without catching eddies
and trying to stay in flow for multiple laps.
It’s great that we have people out there who care enough about these special
places to put all the time and work into bringing people together.
You will have people who think you shouldn’t race or Go fast down a river.
They think you should take your time and enjoy the river.
I enjoy doing both on the same river in the same day.
There is just something about staying in flow and moving down stream as fast as your body will allow.
If you haven’t tried going fast, you should!!
Organizers put in a lot of long hours looking for sponsors so that they have prizes
for the participants and spectators. If you happen to know someone who does this.
You should give them a pat on the back and tell them how much you appreciate what they do.


I hope to see you at the Go Fast Day 2018

Brandon Beaty

Check out my video of
Daddy’s Creek Go Fast Day 2017